Screens not opening properly


Sometimes this problem i face when i open screens


Are you using the Accelerometer?


No ,i am not using accelerometer …


We are checking into this issue


Ok sir …


Does it ever happen on the first startup?/

If it is new screens, are you closing the previous screen properly?

When you open a new screen you still need to close the current screen.

This is the block (These are Kodular blocks, but the same blocks are in AB)

That is how you shut your screens down when you switch.


Or you can share your aia so someone can take a look at it



you had been checked my app …few days ago (App is Effects Market )


Having multiple accounts doesn’t make it easy for us to know who we are communicating with however, if I remember correctly you have made changes to your app since I checked it and aia which I checked contained 12 screens