Screen width and height


I was wondering about the width and height of a screen.
I read about device independent pixels and fixed versus responsive sizing.
But why is the screen width 319 and height 619 in fixed mode?
Why no other mode used numbers?

In responsive mode I get width 411 and height 797 although I have set my phone to HD (1080x1920)?
How come?


Multiply the Height/Width with the Density.


Well I retrieved the density and multplied with the width and height.
width * density = 837.375 and it must be 1080
height * density = 1624.875 and it must be 2220
density = 2.625

So is the density not correct or is the screen in acontainer, if this is so, it is not visble, the screen seems to take the entire display.


DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert on this particular subject this is what I get on my device.

My Samsung S8 is set to 2220x1080.
On Fixed I get: 1845x960
On Responsive I get: 2076x1080

More info here:


Fixed sizing doesn’t take density into account, you are building an app for 320px phone that gets stretched to yours phone pixel size

Many developers will not want to change the way they are building apps, merely to provide responsive design. To accommodate this choice, App Inventor includes a screen property called Screen.Sizing. Screen.Sizing can be set to either fixed or responsive. When sizing is fixed, App Inventor creates apps for a screen of size 320 pixels wide and 460 pixels high, but it scales the app’s appearance to match the actual size of the screen that the app is running on. This display is essentially equivalent to how App Inventor apps were rendered on Tablets prior to App Inventor version 145.

Responsive sizing

as close as it can be

btw, are you sure of this number 797, should be 731x2,625=1918,875

this value was strange

your navigationbar is 48xdensity i your case 3, 48x3=144+2076=2220



Sorry my screen is 2220,
thus 797x2.635=2092.125 + 48*2.625 = 2092.125 + 126 = 2018,1.25
tha’s rather close


You mean 2218,125 :grin:



Yes, that was it :japanese_ogre: