Screen not opening after uploading on playstore


Need help
I just uploaded an app on playstore.
When i tried to open its APk using connect it was working fine but after uploading to playstore it is not working.
When i click on button 1 it is not opening screen2 though the block is
When Button 1 pressed-open another Screen-Screen2.
I have changed app’s url is it because of this or something else why it is not opening any screen.
Please help


it shows error 902 screen not found


Did you change the Project or ApplicationPackage name?


No, that’s not correct.
And it is case sensitive.

Email = The email you use to sign into AppyBuilder. Everything before the @ sign.
Example: "" = “JohnDoe”

ProjectName = The exact name of your project(Not AppName) in My Projects.

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Iwill try this.Thank you so much.


Email is Case Sensitive as well.
What does your email show up in the top righthand corner of this screen “psilwal121” or “Psilwal121”?


For me after changing pakage name I have to change all screen names in blocks. I have to change screen name whenever I have to change screens.


Show picture of your My Projects Screen.


Your AppName and Applicationpackage does not effect this.
You have to write your screen name in blocks when changing screen1 to 2 like this -
Here emailusername is - psilwal121 for you
appname - you have to write that name here by which you have saved your project with
screenname - next screen name you want to open
For example = my emailusername is amitnarwal115, appname = Incomeready (see this in image below) and screenname = Screen2
So I will write it like this = amitnarwal115.Incomeready.Screen2

Note = You have to use your app name by which you have saved it, not the name you filled in AppName option which you see on Screen1 properties.


live testing will not work if you change package name. You have to export ur app to test it.

I can't change the package name; I don't know why?! (Solved)
Changing Application Package Name
Custom package name

Good call Amit!
I forgot to mention that.


Please help those who have free time.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my block component.

My package name and my project name are right.
In test mode there is no problem.

But when I make it apk, this application cannot be opened.

My block :

sim_online_2.aia (2.9 MB)


@rijal_mb Please see and search for “Package Name”


I already did it. “infreshtasi.project_name.Screenhome”
But after opening screen1 it can’t open the next screen. (Screenhome)

  1. Your ApplicationPackage should be
  2. Your images are to big for the purpose and consume a lot of memory
  3. You try to show two buttons next to each other at 200px each (this goes beyond the screen size of the phone which is 360px/dp in responsive sizing)

Tip 2 in your case


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Thank you @Boban_Stojmenovic . Very clear and helpful. :heart_eyes: