Scratch Card using Sprites on a Canvas (Cherry Picker)


You are not supposed to follow along step-by-step, second-by-second. Please do not attempt to follow at this pace, it would be impossible. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

Simulate scratching off a circle by using a simple animation with Image Sprites and a Clock. In this mini-game, users get 3 chances to find a cherry on a scratch card. If the user finds 1 cherry, they get 10 points. If the user finds 2 cherries, they get 25 points, and if the user finds 3 cherries they get 100 points. The icons on the scratch card will be generated randomly each time the user plays the mini-game. We’ll use test labels to help us “cheat” during development.

(FREE) Project .aia File: ScratchCard_FREE.aia (148.8 KB)

:fairy::bomb: Pixii Bomb Squad Exclusive Graphics available for this tutorial


Another great tutorialvideo. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Always fun to watch and always explained in great detail.


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Excellent video tutorial @PixiiBomb THANKS
Also, available here:


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Awesome! @PixiiBomb . But what is this pixiibomb squad? sounds funny :smile:


lol - well the Pixii Bomb Squad is basically a $5/month membership that you can sign up for at

The tutorials will show you how to create the basic design necessary to learn the tutorial/run the app.
The Squad will gain access to exclusive graphics and designs for different tutorials not available to everyone else.

  • The Squad will receive a minimum of 2 designs per month. Depending on the month, Squad members may receive more than 2 designs. Designs will come with additional graphics, logos, backgrounds and/or icons.
  • Video requests will still be completed normally. Some tutorials won’t require fancy designs if they’re focused mainly on education.
  • If a subscriber comes up with a fun video request idea, and I use that idea for a tutorial, that subscriber will get the enhanced design for free, even if they’re not part of the Squad.
  • I’ll also try to have giveaways during Live Streams. Winners will be able to select 1 design of their choice. Winners may be chosen at random, but I might also decide to select a subscriber that I think has been working really hard or has impressed me in some way ^^

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Is this still available? I don’t see any new videos from PixiiBomb :disappointed:


Unfortunately Scratchcard does not work properly with the new appybilder browserversion.
Only after minimizing and maximizing again.


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