"Runtime Error" message showing


i made a slide app by appybuilder and whenever i tried to open this app it shows a message "Runtime Error " with same blocks it runs fine on other app making platform.


You need to check your coding.
This is very generic error meaning there is an issue with your code


see also tip 1 and 2 here



this is the blocks which I used in my app for slide some images but whenever I tried to slide image, my app suddenly exit (closed ).


Create the simplest aia using ColiTreeSlideShow and post here so that we can try here and in MIT AI


what do u mean by “simplest aia”?


A simple app that only includes the extension that produces the error. This way we can check the app.


i already posted my app’s blocks which included the extention that produce error.


as @Hossein suggested, please prepare an example as small as possible, which demonstrates this issue and add the project (aia file) into this thread together with exact instructions for how to elicit the error, so someone can take a look