Running a background task or a service in AppyBuilder



I have several apps on the Google Play store and would like to redo all of them in Appybuilder because it will be easier to maintain them. They all use a service module to keep them running in the background. One of the apps is a clock chiming app with a lot of features. I would first like to redo that one in AppyBuilder if background tasks or services are supported.

If this is supported, please do point me to an extension and / or the blocks required to start the service.

Maybe an alarm manager extension that calls or runs an AppyBuilder app or a code block would help.




Those are not supported.

Please also read this


Hi Peter,

How about an alarm manager extension?



Apps have to run in the foreground not the background.


Hi Peter,

Does AppyBuilder have an alarm manager extension? I already looked at the clock blocks but I’m not sure the clock will be ticking if the user taps the phone home button making the app loose focus.



So you can not make what you want.


Hi Peter,

It’s a shame about that. I do hope they will implement that functionality soon. If they do I will be a very busy beaver rewriting my apps. :yum:


In about 0-? years



see here why this will most probably not happen

The approach we were taking with services doesn’t work with later versions of Android. One cannot naively run code in the background, as Android will just shut it down in order to preserve phone battery. Instead one has to interact with a complex SDK to run code when an App isn’t in the foreground. It doesn’t translate very well into our current services model.


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Hi Taifun,

I hope you will do an extension or something we can easily use because it’s already built into Basic4Android (B4A). I want to migrate away from B4A and do everything in AppyBuilder.

To be able and run a service in AppyBuilder like IN B4A and have blocks in that service process some procedures, etc would open up so many new types of apps everyone can build with AppyBuilder.



This won’t be possible until App Inventor builds it in.

Did you read this?


Hi Peter,

Just read it. That would also explain why I couldn’t make an apk file as well.

I just signed up with Kodular. Can I also ask about running services on the Kodular community forum?



No, the online builder is already weeks unavailable. There was a offline version available. That has nothing to do with the merging of Kodular and AppyBuilder.


There is not a builder that is able to do that. Like i said. App Inventor will be have to be the first to make that and then other builders can use it.


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What update?..