Rewarded video problem


Hey guys!

I got problem with rewarded video.
My problem is:
When i use rewarded video in live test everythings goes good w/o any problem
I am using the test licence and the testmode_enabled set to true.
When the screen initialize i set load_ad
But when i download the application and instal my phone and try to load the screen where i’m using the rewarded video the application close w/o any error code or anything. So i cannot even enter to the screen where are the rewarded video coded.

Whats can be the problem ?


Show the blocks so we can have a better grasp of the problem


At the moment i have a test screen because i deleted from my app the rewarded video component because thats was the reason of the crush for me…


You will have to put the component and the blocks in your main app, so we can check what is wrong with the blocks.


Okay guys i found the problem…
The problem was the email extension is not compatible with the RewardVideo component …
Thanks for all the help have a nice day guys.