Rewarded video ,- is it possible to load ad in one activity and show in another


Is it possible to LoadAd in one activity and ShowAd in another. I want to do this because it takes time to load ad. if i can load ad from previous activity and show it in the activity later where ever i require to.


This means user should download both your apps. Not recommended.

You possibly are not implementing this correctly. There are blocks that can be used to determine when ad is loaded. In those event-blocks, you can set flags.

Watch the video by Pixii:


He is talking about multiple screens. Is it possible to load ad on one screen and show it on another one.
Sorry, @K_L that is not possible currently.


you understood right, thanx !


You can use only one screen instead of two.
By Use of visible checking and unchecking.

For more information Check the tutorial given by @Taifun .


@K_L Let’s assume you have Screen1 and Screen2.
On Screen1, you load your Rewarded video. Then when ready to open Screen2, before opening, play your video. The RewardedVideo, has blocks such as the ones shown below. In blocks below, you can add code to open your Screen2

  • Rewarded: means user completely watched the video
  • AdClosed


You mean Reward can be screen2 itself, not a bad idea… should give a try… thanks!