Rewarded Video Component


request code error …


It’s not necessary to put someone name in your response so i deleted them. It is unclear what you are asking with those few sentences you put in the post.

Did you make it exactly as the tutorial said? For the rest i can not help you. I really don’t like ads.



Great tutorial, as always :).

I do have a question though! Is it possible to have multiple rewarded ad units? I currently have my ads setup like in the attachment, but it doesn’t matter which I click, the reward it gives me is always the ‘extra bomb’ (rewardedvideo 2)

Currently, i’m running the test ads - not sure if that makes a difference

thanks for your help



Hey there James,

Anytime you have a lot of ad components, it usually causes problems.
Are you using 2 different Rewarded Video components because you want to do 2 different things after the rewarded video?

If so, you could just create a global variable and custom procedure to handle the different events.



Thanks for your reply pixii. You are correct, i have different rewards I’d like to give.

Thank you for your solution around the error, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Glad you got it figured out! :slight_smile:


but am new here and i don’t know much about it. please can you assist me



when I load AD,it failed an tell me “Invalid Request”.