Rewarded Video Component


Easy You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

The AdMob Rewarded Video component is specific to AppyBuilder. This video will help you create an AdUnitID using Google AdMob and copy/paste that AdUnitID into the RewardedVideo Component property window within AppyBuilder. Setting up an account with AdMob will allow you to make real money from the apps you create with AppyBuilder!

YouTube Tutorial Video:

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@PixiiBomb As usual, nicely done and very well explained. :clap:


Admob reward Not show in my android Version 4.1.2.
please info mininum rearuitment android version.?

sorry my english


@alimi_studio did you set screen1 sizing to responsive?


yes responsive in size.
my apk run in android version 4.4 above, show adnob reward.
but test in android version 4.1.2 .
not show

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Quick question and an important one, does Admob pay me per ad impression or ad click? I don’t see the value of the whole reward thing (as a developer) if they only pay me if the user clicks the video!


@habboubih I believe it depends on whether user watches entire video or not.


I think it’s the same with every advertising company. You are only ever seeing a TINY TINY TINY amount of the profit. AdMob is taking like 99.99%. I don’t know the exact figures, but let’s say a click gets you $1, and an impression gets you $0.001. That’s because there are millions and billions of videos being watched everyday by everyone. The advertisers would be out of business if they paid every YouTuber $5 each time a video showed their ad. Someone like me, who only gets a few thousand views, would be getting paid WAAAAAAYYYYY too much. And someone else who gets like a few million views … would be richer than the Queen of England.

But other factors determine an increase or decrease in your profit as well.

  • If the user watches an entire video
  • vs. if the user closes the video
    for example

There is a little more information about the payment process here:
(But I didn’t see anything about particular dollar amounts) :frowning:


Thank you for your reply.

Typically, ad networks take about 30% of the profit regardless of the number of impressions. Same goes to in-app purchases. However, the way Admob rewards work is that the user won’t get rewarded unless he/she watches the entire ad! If the user cancels the videos, he/she won’t get rewarded. So I am not sure how this works! Do I get paid if the user watches the entire video? Do I get anything if the user cancels the video? Or do I get paid only and only if the user clicks on the ad?

It’s confusing to me but I’d still use it if it’s worth it.


i tested the rewarded video for about 2 weeks in my game… for now i only get paid when user click on the ad…


in fact it follows the same thing as standard ads, views are counted, but billing increases if the user clicks on the ad because the CRT media is measured between views and CPM / CPC clicks if an app has 1,000 views without clicks it earns 0.05 already another application that is in the same category because the ads are billed by categories, so another application with the same category with 1,000 views + 10 clicks on ads generates 0.90 on average, as it also depends on the country of origin of the click, since it depends on the advertiser how much he is willing to pay per click


I guess it makes sense for this particular ad, that you don’t get anything if the user cancels the video. The incentive would be that it’s a give and take. The user is MORE likely to watch the entire video, because otherwise… they won’t get a reward. I know that I’ve personally downloaded a few of the games I’ve seen, even while I was testing this app, because so of them do look appealing! So you might even get more clicks on this type of ad, than you would on a standard banner ad. (That’s just a theory)

I would suggest though: having BOTH ad types in your app.
This way you can reward the user, by watching an ad that is out of the way of the design, but also continuously generate impressions and potential clicks with a banner ad.


Anyone knows how to hide teh cancel button on Ads because I have seen most games don’t have teh Cancel Button and also they don’t support Back Press during Video Playing


It is against Google AdSense Terms of Service to hide/blend or alter their ads in any way.
Google takes their Ad Revenue ToS VERY seriously.
Don’t poke the bear. :bear:


Hi, thanks for tutorial. Do you know what to do if users don’t have internet connection to watch video? How I can show him that he needs to fix it?


@PixiiBomb, Hi there,I’ m testing your project but no video is loading.Is there any problem with the rewarded video component?


You would essentially just use a web component to get a website (like google). If the component cant get the website, then the user isn’t online. An example of this is shown here:


I did run into some problems with the Rewarded Video Component when I was working on that video, but it could easily have been internet connection problems, and not necessarily problems with the component/admob.

Make sure you’re troubleshooting, as explained in the video:

  • The Screen sizing property should be set to responsive.
  • A newly created AdUnitID could take up to 48 hours to register
  • Try to load an add as soon as the screen starts, so that it’s ready once you press the button
  • Verify your max impressions (set in Admob). If you selected 1 per day, per user… and you’ve already seen 1 ad, you won’t be able to see another until tomorrow… unless you change this setting. Changes may not take effect right away.


Thank you Pixii for your prompt reply.I’m following your tutorials.Yeah, it could be internet connectivity issue.
Actually, I was testing your project (the one you shared with your rewarded video tutorial here.)
I’m also following your instructions.


Thanks for sharing… Very good tutorial and clear for me as new comer.