Rewarded video and extension taifungoogleaccount are not compatible


I am always getting compilation error when firebase and rewarded video used together and rewarded video works fine when used without firebase.

Hello i install my app on my device but The app has stop

@K_L we have made a note to check into this


I think there are compatibility between api levels. As @John mentioned, we are checking into it


Thanks… I would request to solve it at the earliest it’s kind of urgent.


An update… This error comes when I try to move from one screen to another. It works fine if I live test the screen directly.


Problem found ! An extension “TaifunGooglEAccount1” from “Taifun” is not comapatible with rewarded video.
@Taifun it needs to be updated.


@K_L hmm. Do you know what library @Taifun extension uses? Are you saying that if you remove that extension, then you don’t get error anymore??


the Pick Google Account extension uses the Google Play Services library

@Hossein probably you might want to create a component for this extension, Makeroid also did this… the source code is available on my webpage, see the license on the bottom of that page…



@Taifun Thanks. will check into your code. AppyBuilder can already get list of device Google accounts. Is that what your extension does?


yes exactly…


@K_L The Texting component includes a block called UserAccoutEmails that returns info you need. It takes a parameter. Leave it blank to get all emails. Pass in “” to get the specific email. This was added long back into Texting component because this component includes the required permissions


Hello i install my app on my device but The app has stop

Yes , after removing the extension, I wasn’t getting any error with rewarded video.
And@hossein thanks for the tip. It will indeed solve the purpose.


I also have same problem, whenever I use banner ads and taifun Google account pick its show error while compile
Please give me solution


@Nitin_Kanade see @Hossein’s previous answer

the Pick Google Account extension is not compatible with all components, which use the Google Play library