Rewarded video Ads not showing



The ads are not shownScreenshot-2018-5-22%20Build%20with%20AppyBuilder%20(2)Screenshot-2018-5-22%20Build%20with%20AppyBuilder%20


You are using firebase and You need to use live testing and debug your code.


means can you please explain what to do cause I am not a expert in Appybuilder.


If you are new to coding, then you should start with basics:

If you are more advanced, you can check out this tutorial:


@PixiiBomb @Andres_Cotes @Peter can you please state whats the problem in the blocks


I can not help you, i don’t like ads. And just wait and be patient. Don’t use usernames to get attention.


Take a good look in what Hossein has told you in his answer for you.


yeah but pixibomb mams blocks are too difficult to understand I am not getting where I would store value in firebase and how


Do you have programming logic skills?


done it still the ads are not loading