Rewarded video ads are not shown. (Failed to load issue). 😭


it generally happens if your country have limited rewarded ads you can check using VPN Check your appover vpn using USA but dont click on your own ads use it for a check


Does it happen everyday cause im trying from more than 4 days


show your app blocks


it happens if you are loading too many ads try clearing your app data from apps in your mobile settings then use it again it will refresh your app.


These are all blocks and nothing else


just show your screen initialize block and adrewarded these are too small i cant see


This thing helped.


this is a android studio code in build.gradle wait im creating a block for you


Did you Load the ad before you show?

To debug, I would suggest to use AdFailedToShow and AdFailedToLoad blocks with a notifier.


use this it will load your ad again and show you if ny error is theret


Yes I’ve loaded the ad before show but the add is not loading error code is 3


see this Rewarded ad failed to load Error code :3


Notifier says ad was not filled :stuck_out_tongue:


I also set the screen to responsive but it doesn’t work either😯


NO_FILL ERROR? Is it showing this?


you can solve it try adding new ad unit remove your old adunit and add a new it may show ad again


Yes its a no fill error and I will try later adding another ad unit


I am face same problem too.


I think you forgot to set the test mood to false ? @Parryd_Chanel


Same problem @ I have setup all block properly but same problem.