Reward Video Adds not Showing


I have create a new page for REWARD VIDEO adds show, then setup all but Video adds not showing in my apps, Is there any solution ?


There could be many factors involved here.

-Did you place your blocks in the project correctly?
-Are you sure?
-Which network are you using?
-Is the account/ad id for this network new?
-No? How old?
-Where are you located and have you tested your app through a VPN?


-Yes I have setup correctly all blocks,
-I am sure but if i get screenshot then I could check it again

  • I am using Broadband Connection
  • No, its old account
  • One month ago I have created this adsence account
    I am in Bangladesh, No I didn’t try through VPN




Same problem. Bangladeshi.


This could be an issue related to GDPR.
Depending on your location, ads will not appear if the proper consent has not been given.

Testing through a vpn using US locations “should” allow you to see your ads.


Can you pm me your id? This way i can check and see if it displays for me


Btw, randomly, i just installed below app. It includes ads. When started, it didn’t ask for any type of permissions; user permissions which is required to be in place by August 1st.

@iamrejoan try the app and see if it’s ads display for you


I have installed this apps but only banner adds showed, there is no Video Ads and no Interstial ads


If i used vpn then my admob account will be suspend, but I have seen many apps where is Video ads available in our Bangladesh, maybe that apps make with Android Studio.
Btw, Appybuilder is really able to show video adds normaly without VPN in BD ? if possible then how ?


What you need to do is to use AdFailedToLoad blocks to see if our returns any message about issue. Use it to debug


Hello friends all reward video is prblm due to change in package name. So if you changed the package then use enhance extension…