Responsive Design , Resizing Canvas and Text, same aspect different devices



Hello friends, I am here to share some tutorials , I will be doing it at least once a week jeje… I hope they´re interesting and useful for you, most of them are basic and not hard to follow.
I have made some in App Inventor and others in Thunkable and also in AppyBuilder. And I guess I will be making more often with appybuilder Gold.

These two work perfectly in AppyBuilder Gold, so hope you enjoy them.

AppInventor / AppyBuilder introduced their “responsive design” features so that apps can work “better” on different sized screens. Using these new features, you can create a single app that should run on both a smart phone and a tablet, yet still display proportional user interface controls. Prior to this, your nicely designed smart phone app could end up having very small buttons or text boxes when run on a tablet; now, these components will resize as needed.

How to responsive Graphics, sprites , canvas elements.

How to, Responsive Text!

Change text size to fit with screen
Changing Application Package Name
Element proportion

@azaotl, Thanks for your tutorial. Hope to see more for AppyBuilder :o)


You will see more friend! :smiley:


Thank you for the tutorial…


my pleasure! Hope this can be useful for your projects!


do you have aia file this toturial