ResponseContent block isn't working


I’m creating an application where Screen1 is a screen where login is done.
The login is not by firebase and yes with php and mysql (I put the TextBox text on the web) …
I already did this in the inventor app, thunkable, makeroid … now I did it here in AppyBuilder and I could not. It just does not do what I ask.

The application correctly posts the text on the web and my site also receives and puts it in the database correctly, but when I use the “ResponseContent” block, the application does not return the response.
Remembering that when I go to see in the mysql database, the data is there!


I got it sorted, thank you!
Can any administrator delete this post?


Maybe you can tell your solution so everybody can learn?


I just deleted Web1 and created another one in its place, also disabling the “Save Answers” option in Web1 that was active.