RenkMatik (ColorMatic in English)



My app is designed to improve your visual skills and attention. Click on the colors shown in the same order and skip the levels :slight_smile: To see the colors again, there is RewardedVideo, and fixed-level interstitials.
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Is this made with AppyBuilder?


Yes of course Peter.


Yes, it was made with AppyBuilder. In fact he forgot to change the default icon :grinning:

@erkan I tried it. You need to learn how to develop apps for every screen and not just yours. Seems like you used absolute positioning of the components on screen instead of relative. Remember there’s hundreds of different screen resolutions, densities, etc in the Android market.

This is how it looks in my phone:

The buttons need to be centered on the screen and the ad banner always at the bottom, no matter what screen size the user has.


You’re right about icons and advertising. Many thanks … But next to the two buttons, a further button appears in the game. Please try again my app and reply to me. I updated it.


Regardless of that, I like your game, the first level (3 buttons) is kind of too easy, so may be you can short it a little to pass to the next one. Now with 4 and 5 button combinations I struggled for real!


A suggestion would be to allow the user to continue from the last level they were at if they kill the app. Every level which they advance or lower, it saves.


Thanks very much Italo!


If the user presses the back button, it allows saving. But if it closes directly, the levels are erased, you’re right. Thank you MeteorCoder!


I solved this problem a new update… Thanks a lot…