Remove letters from elements in a list OR Import a csv file into a list without ( )


Hey there,

I just imported a .csv file into a list. During the process ( and ) where added to each element in the list. Is it possible to remove them? Otherwise I can’t use the list

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You should be able to select a list item index, which would return ONLY the value in that index. But if for whatever reason the list value is something like:

  • index1: (value1)
  • index2: (value2)
  • index3: (value3)

Where the values include parenthesis, then you can use the “replace all text” block each time you grab a list item. Or you can create a procedure that replaces all the ( & ) from the csv list and re-writes the list without the parenthesis.

Hope that makes sense. If you’d like an example just let me know. You can post a screenshot of what you’re having trouble with specifically, and I can tailor the example based on the problem.


This is what I made so far:

A example output would be as follow:

I just need the parenthesis removed, when I set the text of the label.

I would be very grateful for an example!

is this what you want?


@Billla you can use TextUtils which includes a versatile regex block. It’ll allow you to remove numbers from string using one block


for 1 column csv tables: instead of using the list from csv table block use the split block and split at \n (new line) to convert the csv file into a list



I switched the list from csv table to a split block, but the list just puts it all into one item:


Did I something wrong?




Thank you very much! It worked.

And thanks for your effort @PixiiBomb


Glad you got it figured out!


Hi, me again.

Is it also possible to create a list from a .txt file, which is saved on a webspace?

From something like this, for example:

Thank you!


Yes. You can use web component and point to url to get the text. It will trigger GotText event. In that block you’ll have to split the text by carriage return: \n


I can’t find the WebViewer GotText Event block. Or am I in the wrong tab?


the web component is different from the webviewer component…
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Oops, my bad. Thank you for your help!