Remove kitchensink


How could remove kitchensink while the server is not building apk


Removing a component has nothing to do with building an apk. Select the component and delete it.


So if i delete the components and export the aia file without building apk to Kodular will solve the problem


i delete kitchensink, toggler, admob, switch components but still show me the message that cannot upload the app due to unable to find kitchensink component


Where i could find this block with this number


pm me your aia please.


Maqtel.aia (2.2 MB)


You have kitchensink in every screen but one so you should remove them all. I was able to load it but was not able to remove all errors. Your images are really big so i deleted them to test the aia.


thanks alot could you send me the modified aia file please


Maqtel.aia (494.9 KB)

There is still an error in one screen which won’t load.