Release of December 31st



Hello AppyBuilder s :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

We just announced a release that includes latest Openstreet Map and MemoryInfo components. This release requires companion v3.25 from Google Play Store.


Happy New Year for All AppyBuilder Team,

Huge thanks for all your hard works in 2017…

@Hossein, @Nickon, @John, @Nilo, @PixiiBomb

Happy New Year for All AppyBuilder Members

Especially @Taifun, @Peter, @Nick, @Andres_Cotes, @Ben, Boban_Stojmenovic, Thomas_Leavitt and all members that i cant mention here…

Actually want to mention more but there is a 10 tags limit on post.

I’m really thankful for all your helps and support in 2017…

We hope for more success for AppyBuilder and All of us in 2018…


Happy New Year to you to @Ronin


Happy New year to @AppyBuilder , @ronin, @Peter and all community members and extension developer.


Happy New Year @Nick


Happy new year everybody! Hope 2018 will bring more happiness, more great built apps and more AppyBuilder’s!


Happy 2018 to all of you!!


Happy New Year @Ben and @Kleyber_Derick


A couple of map features.


Happy New Year!!! :sun_with_face:


Happy New year…:slight_smile:


this map features also update with offline ver ?


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu No, offline isn’t updated


Will not be updated?


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu It’ll be updated. We haven’t had time to update because we’ve been busy with other stuff. I can’t give you ETD