Release July 26, 2017



Hello AppyBuilder friends,

We just had to push a release to fix a bug that had to do with default extensions. If you had created new projects, you might’ve noticed that there was some default extensions there. We fixed this issue in this release.

Please checkout release notes HERE.



hola @Hossein buenas tardes

pudo añadir los permisos de que hemos comentado en los diferentes post o genera alguna dificulta implementarlos




@Andres_Cotes and others, you can you add “Enhancement” to issue list below. This way, we can track it.


@Hossein, about custom ListView, it center align the text, also it use a fixed size for images.
Could you provide text alignment property (left,right,center… maybe also top,middle,bottom) and an image size property? I’m not interested in setting the size for all the images independently, I just need to show smaller images.

New photo by Gabriele Cozzolino


@Gabryk sure. Will be added. Please add a enhancement ticket into bitbucket. Issue tracker for gold


La lista con imágenes que ponga en el componente listviewcustom tienen que estar en el celular…?? es que estoy tratando de descargar unas imágenes desde un servidor y visualizarlas en el listviewcustom pero no se ven… alguna idea…??


@Daniel_Garcia Yes They have to exist in as media in the assets