Registry + Sign In with Airtable



Hello everyone, I just finished uploading the next part of the Registration tutorial using AirTable. With this tutorial you will be able to Register the users of your app, and make them Sign In using the name and password they input to make the registry.

Hope you like it. The next video will be about changing users and retrieving the password of the user.


Thanks for your tutorial and contribution


I have found an error with the signin progress.

If you are registrated with the app and you enter the login screen and you hit the login button it opens the app without filling in a passwoord.


Let me dig into that. I omited extra steps in wich you have to put a condition in the registry empty boxes to avoid uploading empty cells to the airtable database.

Also, the Update row has given me trouble updating a full row, usually updating empty cells to AirTable, I’m using the "update cell " instead, but, Android 4.2 and below wont update a single cell.