Red ball challenge my game







This app is made by Happy Builder…?


@DDTnet yes it was done with appybuilder the biggest challenge was to create the leaderboard!


I got 30 points! The balls were going crazy by then :joy:.good work though on the game.

What did you use for your leaderboard?


@jhsutton thanks for like. I’m happy with my work, too. it’s only a shame not to have the downloads I wanted. I can send an example from my scoreboard to your email.


I am selling my game to anyone who has an interest. I accept offers


It’s a shame about the number of downloads, i am in the same position with my apps! I currently use a combination of tinywebdb & google spreadsheets accross my apps for leaderboards


I tried it. Nice game.

It also has a bug, at certain point the timer stops and the game never ends.


@Italo Thank you for liking my game. this bug I’m still trying to fix, but I have not found the bug so far!