Recompiling an apk


hi, i just have 3 extensions (DateUtils, ListUtils, TextUtils) so i think it is not the origin of my problem… I’ve tried to make a new project with only a label on screen1. Apptomarket is able to decompile it, but not to recompile it … I don’t anderstand i did nothing since last time i did it and it was working well before …

Recompiling with apptomarket not working
App dont work after notifier update

In the new apk i created for test when i open manifest I have this

<application android:debuggable=“false” android:icon="@drawable/ya" android:theme="@android:style/Theme" android:label=“test2” android:name=“”>

What is this line doing here ?? What is appinventor doing here ?? I ve just created new app in appybuilder ! So maybe a problem with my manifest ?


I have made a new topic for you. It was going really offtopic in the old one. Put it also in the right category.



I have not solve my problem yet… I don’t know where to search…
I use to decompile and recompile my apk to sign them since a long time, first with appinventor then I came to appybuilder.
It was working well until february the 13th.
I advanced in the building of my app and I wanted to build apk on the 15… Apptomarket did decompile it as usual, but didn’t want to recompile it ( It makes me a searching symbol for ever, no message of errors… nothing)!
So I thougth it was a problem with my apk, i took the last one and it didn’t work too… I made an apk test ( 1 screen with 1 label) it didn’t work…
I’ve tried with an old old old apk made with appinventor before release nb164 and it worked !
I’ve try to delete android:theme It didn’t change ,
So i don’t know what to do now, what to try…
Do you have pist of research for me ? i’m really lost i need help of community please


Please stop making new topics. Developers have to answer you. Please be patient.


ok sorry, i thought as i replied to myself no one will open this topic… sorry again


I stopped working on AppToMarket due to limited time and the fact that AppyBuilder now has most features of AppToMarket. Also, with continuous AI updates, it could break functionality of AppToMarket. We have plan on new versions of AppToMarket, but that effort is going very slowly


Thank you so much for your work, i would use only appybuilder if i knew how to get my signing key from apptomarket and transfer it to appybuider… i need to update my apps and my key is generated from apptomarket. is it possible to do so ? How ? Big Thanks for all what you do for us :slight_smile:


ohhh i found the tutorial to get my keystore from apptomarket. So I did it… now i’m searching if it is possible to copy my assets fastly to appybuilder (there are almost 200 sounds !!) and not one by one.




That error usually means that there was error during signing process; possibly because the credentials don’t match the AppyBuilder expected credentials.


Thank you for your answer, i solved the problem. I wonder now if it is possible to add a lot of assets at the same time (not one by one) because I have almost 200 assets to add. Will Appybuilder support that then?


That’s a lot of asset files.
Consider using alternatives, such as downloading assets on the first use of app


Sorry, if its a stupid question, but is there any possibility to sign my apk with my old key from Apptomarket? I have to update my app on Google play, but it says key is mismatch. Apptomarket dont want to decompile apk from Ai… sorry my english(


Guys, I solved the problem. Apptomarket 4.1 works, you just need to delete file “1” in your documents, in “apktool” folder.


hi, you did it ?? Oh it can save me, what did you delete? what is file"1" ??


Oh, hi!
C\users\your username\apktool\framework\1.apk
good luck


Damn didn’t know that…


Oh, incredible ! it works !! why ? Oh no i don’t want to anderstand why , it’s just magicccc