Readmode function of the label


I use a multiline textbox to insert text on several lines and then display the text inserted in a label.
I used the readmode function of the label but I do not see “Read more …” even if the lines are more than 3 …



I tested your sample and don’t get an readmore link also. I saw there was a mention of this in february.

but there was no followup.

Does this extension work for you?


Thanks for the reply…
I saw the extent but I do not understand how to use it …

can you kindly give me an example?


I have to go to work in a few minutes. You could try to use these blocks from your label and put them together.

Selection_999(138) image

And see what happens. I guess you know how to import an extension and use it?


I know…:grinning:


I tried but give me this error …