Read from CSV as table


Hi there,

I have a csv file that looks similar to this (excel view):

Z1	Z2	Z3	K	G	%R

P1 106% 50% 85% 57% 65% 65%
P2 106% 61% 46% 40% 11% 12%
P3 103% 34% 148% 16% 32% 30%
P4 158% 32% 83% 0% 31% 31%

So there is a header and data in each column for each “P”.

How to set blocks - if I pick P3 from the list, text box Z1 would show 103%, Z2 would give 34% and so on?

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i think spreadsheet component can be used


I would prefer to stay with csv
what about this?
if P3 picked then somehow app states that it is row 3 and then in textbox1 show first value from this line (column Z1).


Is the gridview component something you could use?


actually question is how to set block to read these values from csv file?


That’s a different question. Look here.

The searchfunction of this forum is great.


Hello Big_Red_Puzzle,

Please let me know how did you solve this?