RatingBar question


i have a prblm in rating bar extenstion plz help me.

RatingBar Extension
RatingBar Extension

@Shona_Creations RatingBar was added to UserInterface category long time ago. Why don’t you use that? Also search help.AppyBuilder.com


i use after use i have problm


@Shona_Creations you need to be detail and tell us what the problem is. Also post screenshot of your relevant blocks



then user open app then user own chioce give start like 1/2/3/4/5 when user give 4 start (example)
then user close app but then again user open app rating bar show 0 star thats my prblm




You mean your app doesn’t remember the number of stars were set?

Use a TinyDB for that.



video is liitle confusion can u help me howz app remember user stars rating .


my block is here after watching video


And is that what you want?


i want on app i give option first quote text( label) then rating bar so user own chioce give rating howz quotes (label ) like 1 star ya 2 star if person give star 3 . then user close app then after hour again user open app but user see i gave 3 star but rating bar show 0 means app not remember user rating so can u tell me howz possible ya u send blocks


you must store rating.
not numStars.
numStars meaning how many stars you want to show to user example: 5 stars 10 stars.


image see now i also try but unsuccessfull


So when the app starts you have to load the value from the tinydb. For instance.

It should work.


not work


wait i m checking


it seems rating bar have problem.tiny db working correctly.
if you guys used rating bars in your published apps then your apps wont work i guess.



I get the value in the label so it should get stored. But nothing returns from the tinydb.


tiny db don’t store value from rating bar.
but can store from label.
i try its working.


i also try but its label change .