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Here is new RatingBar extension - v1.0

A RatingBar is component that shows a rating in stars. The user can touch/drag or use arrow keys to set the rating when using the default size RatingBar.

Give it a try: About the Extensions category

Example Create Extension RATING BAR DIALOG

Great. Thanks for this extension


Interesting extension… Thank you Mr. Hossein.


@habboubih @Ronin glad you guys like it


Very Cool… I Like It!


Good extension - thanks for it, but i´ve got a problem (perhaps it have to do with the extension): when I try to delete another extension, it deletes RatingBar and the extension. When I import it new, it´ll restore the RatingBar blocks. Why? Can you help me?


@Nico_Marikucza which other extensions?


No! :frowning: :frowning:
In an another project with different extensions I do not have this problem.


Has anyone used RatingBar extensions in AppyBuilder or MIT AI? If yes, what do you about it?


Oh sorry, i understand you false.
With other extensions (like TaifunClipboard) i don´t have this problem, only with this extension.
Weird, isn´t it?


@Nico_Marikucza, Please get the latest from link below. This was an issue with packaging. Its fixed now.


Thank you! My problem is resolved!
I like this extension too, thank you to building it!:slight_smile:


Hello, really great extension - very useful for diverse apps!
Our question is just if it possible to change the background color and the size of the stars?


@chrisgresse No, not possible at this time, but we can check into it


Thanks! Would be a great feature!

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is this rating bar is gonna update the star’s in the google playstore?


Of course not, for internal purpose only.


ohh i see, thank’s sir