RatingBar Extension



from where I can download the extension ?? can I used with app inventor?


You can get it here


Hi Taifun,
I asked you on another post about some capabilities of this extension.
I think there are a good idea if the show of previous (or average, etc.) califications could be scalable (or streetchable), and could representate fractions of stars.
I’m using Material Icons .ttf font, that has 3 kind of stars: full, medium and empty stars.
This is prety hard to buid all combinations, but works fine.
Greetings from Buenos Aires,
David de Argentina


sorry, but this is not my extension…
you might get an answer from @Hossein


Works great for me and produces the numeric value as designed. Would like to return the actual stars as an image or sequence of extended characters to store in DB and present in a Ken Nichols TableView cell instead of the numeric value.


You wouldn’t be able to use images in TableView but you could convert numeric value into a String and use unicode characters:



Got it. Will work on over next few says. Stay tuned…