RatingBar Extension



@R_R_Music is a way to get user’s input or opinion


like the one on uber transportation app yes?

if i want to make a button that if klik then it;s open up my app on playstore to do the rating, what component i use?


How to get that HorizontalArrangement1 argument as shown on the initial printscreen please?




Hello, my RatingBar not showing up, what could it be? Can you explain in a simplified way how to make it work? How to connect the blocks and everything else…

Help me please


There is a picture in the first post.
If you zoom in, it should make sense.


I did as it is in the picture, but in the horizontal arrangement there appeared no Star (RatingbBar), can you help me? Where do I connect the blocks so that the RatingBar appears


Either Button.Click or Screen.Initialize would work.

Don’t forget to set the properties:


Can someone explain to me where the error is happening, because my HorizontalArrangement is gray and without any stars.

I’m beginner, be patient with me :smiley:


Try setting the Purple block below green blocks.


@Ken Do you talk that way? If it is, it hasn’t worked out yet.


Where is your createratingbar coming from. Is it an extension? Appybuilder has its own extension in the user interface. Just drag and drop.


I see, it was made by AppyBuilder but now it is build in so you don’t need it anymore.


@Peter Can you show me, please? I could not find this extension in the user interface…


It is in user interface





I asked you to try putting the Purple block below the Green blocks because:

  1. You should set the Properties before calling a method.

  2. I was at work and was just trying to help you in the couple of minutes I had available.

  3. It works for me:


Your numstar is 5, rating 4 and step size 3. This is bad setting. There is going to be overflow. Make step size 1 or leave to default.


mi screen dont see like that


You are using App Inventor, not AppyBuilder. This is the AppyBuilder forum.