RadioButtons extension



See attached for AppyBuilder RadioButtons extensions. It’ll allow you to create RadioButtons either vertically (default) or horizontally. Get it HERE

Detailed Tutorial HERE.

RadioButton as component
RadioButton as component
How to Set Time Duration

Great, why not to integrate them into AppyBuilder, so you won’t have to use extension.

  • More people will be able to use it
  • A new component is in our timeline that will have more features.

Meanwhile, if you like the extension, please let others know :slight_smile:


good job!
instead of the GetChecked method a Changed event would be nice to have… similar to the Checkbox component…
also to be able to set one of the radiobuttons programmatically would be nice…


That decision was ByDesign. Changed event should happen every time a component is selected. In this case, the block GetChecked is only a property and not an Event block. In future, when time permits, we plan to implement the Changed event.


good!Hope to achieve


Anyone used RadioButton extension? Comment/ feedback / likes / dislikes / desired features?? Reply here


I wish there was a way to put one of the RadioButtons selected by blocks.
Example: When you start a screen automatically, select a RadioButton
Thank you!!!


@Adell_SE next version :slight_smile:


RadioButton extension is now updated to Select (check) a specific radio button (see top of this thread for extension link). blocks below show how to create 4 RadioButtons. Then next block shows how to Select (Check) a specific radio button programatically:


Thank you very much @Hossein , we will be very useful this function to all. I hope to see you soon as a component.


It’s better to get the choice event……


hi,Hiossein,i wish can change the radio color…


The actual color of radio button itself?


yes,and getchecked and setselected functuon replace text with listitem Ordinal Numbers maybe better.
and i find a bug,repeated removeall and creat then setselected is not useful.


how can we get radio button data from firebase ?



I tried to use the extension but throw this error in a message box in the AppyBuilder page and on the smartphone:
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I made exactly the same steps that are explained here. The same error ocurred in MIT App Inventor emulator program. It seems an error of the extension. Maybe with recent version of the MIT App Inventor in wich AppyBuilder is based.

I’m using a BLU NEO 4.5 Android 4.4.2 version.

Thanks in advance for helping me solving this error.


Hi! please I tried accessing it using the MIT emulator but its not displaying…exactly the same error displayed above


using this extension, good work.
But now I have a screen where all controls have to be disabled (read-only data) and I can’t find a way to disable the radiobuttons.
Is it possible to disable them?


Saludos, la extensión da problemas al poner varios radiobutton, tengo 9 layout horizontales y agregue 9 radiobutton con 3 item cada uno, pero la app se cierra y el companion se cicla, podrían revisar si es un fallo de la extensión…? al quitar la extensión de la app funciona todo normal