RadioButton as component


As you are aware, we developed RadioButton extension HERE. Polling to see if you would be interested to see that as component:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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Also, what other extensions you like to see as Component?


what exactly is the advantage to see this as component?
as you know, an extension also can be used in MIT App Inventor and other distributions…


el poder visualizarlo en el panel e diseñador, y no tener que utilizar un bloque iniciador del componente por que este ya viene integrado


@Taifun, As @Andres_Cotes mentioned, it can include more features and user won’t be limited to Layout Arrangement. Disadvantage? Can’t have quick releases and has to wait until stable AppyBuilder release


Radio button? Yes, please…:eyeglasses:


@Ronin have you tried the extension:
RadioButtons extension


profesor hay appybuilder beta para probar ideas??


@Andres_Cotes You are looking for testers??


si por lo menos añadir la linea que hace falta para habilitar los servicios, yo puedo construir la extension pero siempre se nesecita escribir el el manifest.xml la lineas correspondientes al servicio eso se puede probar en un beta


hoy logre reescribir al actionbar y ponerlo full custom


Hi, I use the RadioButtons at MIT it works fine but my background is different from white, is there a way to change the color of the buttons or to upload images?