Radio buttons and alternatives


I’m using radiobuttons on my screen, therefore I’m using the radiobuttons extension.
But this extension has two problems, it cannot be disabled and I have a view only screen where nothing may be changed. And it does not always work, it occurred to me that sometimes you can select more than one radiobutton and that is not OK.

I know there is an alternative with the spinner button if you set radiobuttons on, but even this control cannot be disabled.

A third possibility (but bot the one I want to use) is simulating radiobuttons through checkboxes, I can uncheck other checkboxes when on is checked, they can be disabled but what about removing the checkmark, something that cannot happen with radiobuttons.
If I have only two checkboxes I can mark the other one, but what if there are more than two?

At last , I’d like to have radiobuttons that work and can be disabled.
Any other alternatives?



You mention the actions when a checkbox is activated, at that moment uncheck all other checkboxes, ok.
But my question is what to do if you uncheck a checkbox by clicking it, which one must be selected than?


Good Point! I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to do this but this works for me: