Quote Status Maker


My first android APP ever, 100% using Appybuilder, without any coding yet.

not publish on playstore yet, here link to try : Link

description aplication Main screen :
App call Random Value from Random Tag from firebase list. then draw multi line in canvas, with different font size depend length character of the value, and drawing to canvas.

if canvas get drag, it call another random value.

in editor screen, user can move, rotate, and change background.

test on MI Android One (working awesome)

some screen shoot here :

splashscreen with fake loading just for show some space for my bussiness

main screen, user can drag on canvas to change the quote, and can choice on more link also.

editor for text and background color.

editor screen for more edit

from canvas 1 i used :

and recall the image to editor in canvas 2 with :

its working with my MIA1 but not working at Bluestacks.

please any one here to try my apk, and share any idea for better result .


to be able to store your image in a directory, you have to prefix the filename with a /
see also How to save a canvas


Thankyou sir… that working (awesome) now on Bluestack

update :

to save canvas image as PNG

to get back the file in canvas2 to use in editor.

thanks so much…


@Surya_Imelanda_Bangu if that answered your question, Please mark post as resolved. Thanks


Yes Sir. absolutely solve the problem.