Question About OneSignal Component



So what I am trying to do is when clicking on a OneSignal notification, I want to send the user for a particular screen (not the main screen).

I believe it has something to do with setting the Additional Data options or Action buttons on OneSignal but how to tell the app to send the user to the desired screen?


you can’t do that for this time, you must wait for next update


Hi, I have been trying to find a way to notify users of new versions but so far I found no elegant solution.
Notifying the user with no automated path to imediate update is not working for most of the users.

My App shows as auto update. Why is it not updating automatically when I publish a new version at Google Store?

Then I am trying to reliably notify the users using OneSignal notifications.
The notification do arrive but I cannot find a way to direct the user to Google Store when he clicks the notification. Instead the App currently installed is what is launched.

It is hard to believe that such a functionality that is so basic is that hard to implement.

I must be missing something.

Assistance welcome.
Thanks in advance.


and in my extension there also launchUrl to redirect your user to google play store


it really depend on

  1. Where your user got your application APK, manual install from url other than play store or install from playstore
  2. your user phone settings


Hi, thanks for your support.

1- My App is loaded at Google Store.
2- My phone is set to auto update, I get the message I put at OneSignal but the App does not update automatically

About OneSignal notification:
How do I refer to my App on the LAUNCH URL field? What do I write there. My App name is HidroFlux

What do you mean by “and in my extension there also…”
What is my extension?
What is the URL I have to type to direct users to Google Store (launchurl)?

Thanks again


On play console (pc or laptop), you can see the “show my app on play store” button
Click that button then you will be redirected to your app page on playstore.
Copy the url, and place it on field i mentioned above.

My extension is OneSignalPlus. You can search in this forum


Hi, clicking the OneSignal notification now loads my App screen on Google Store.


Do you have a timeframe on when then next version will be released?


I don’t have any info about that,
Maybe @Hossein can answer your question


Would really appreciate your input on this


I really hope the next update of AppyBuilder would include this feature.

@wanttobe i believe you have an extension for Onesignal. Can this feature be implemented?


Please open up GitHub issue here:

OneSignalPlus | Get PlayerID, Send Push, Add Tag, etc [Donation]