Question about Imagesprite


Hi guy’s and Girls,

Is there a way to set a date or a time as text in imagesprite or on canvas?


This way you can set it on canvas.


Thanks for the Tip but is there a way to make it go move across the screen from side to side like imagesprite does.


That could be done with clearing the canvas and drawing it again. Or you make an imagesprite of the time using this extension and then using it as a imagesprite. Never tested that but should work i guess.


It’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ll try to explain.

I have got a canvas that is set to a special image, within you have got the imagesprite than can move for left to right by clock. My main goal is to set the imagesprite to the current date ( text not picture ) and still move from the left to the right and I want to thank you for the help so far and by the way happy new year.


I tested these blocks and it works for me. A canvasbackground and when i press a button the canvas is cleared except for the image and the time is drawn on the screen.

And here when you use a clock you can let is slide across the canvas.

Happy New Year!!!