Question About fusiontable SQL


Fusion table is like below.


I made query like this.

SELECT number, pin, auth FROM table_id WHERE name=‘t1’ AND amount=5000

So result is two rows; number=1, number=3.
But I want only one row.(Any row is okay…)
I used ‘SELECT DISTINCT’, but error occurred.
Is there any good solution?


I haven’t used FusionTable yet but have you tried GROUP BY?


SELECT number, pin, auth FROM table_id WHERE name=‘t1’ AND amount=5000 LIMIT 1

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Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
You mean…Should I insert ‘LIMIT 1’ in code using Taifun extension?



Not yet.
I guess ‘GROUP BY’ is not ANSI SQL. Isn’t it?
I know appybuilder supports ANSI SQL.


@Taifun’s solution looks like your best option.



Thank you so much :slight_smile:
I tried it just. And I solved the problem.^^


we are talking about the fusiontable SQL here and not SQlite
see the documentation of the fusiontable SQL language here

Returns only a given number of rows. The purpose is to avoid getting more data than can be handled by the application or computer resources on the receiving end.




Thank you for your kindness :slight_smile:



I have one more question.
If I get the max value of number field, what should I do?
At the table, the max value is 5, and I want to get it using SELECT Query.

Frankly speaking, I tried to insert name, amount, pin, auth except number using Insert block of fusion table component. I expected that number would be inserted automatically.


see again
and try SELECT MAXIMUM(number) FROM <tableid>




I mistook ‘MAXIMUM’ for ‘MAX’. So error had occurred continuously. :frowning:
Thank you soooo much :slight_smile: