Query about income generating through admob


I want to make an app for the local community people; where there will be no revenue generating from the user. But I would expect to make a little income from the app probably through - people clicking ads i.e. admob services. On this note do I have to pay anything at all to appybuilder; before I start to earn a dollar from the app? Will it be free to publish an app with admob from appybuilder? I agree to donate a certain amount of money, once I start to earn but dont want to start with appybuilder if there is an initial investment required. Can anyone bring me to light on this! Thanks.

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To make an app with ads, you need to follow Google ads policies, than in resume says that you should not abuse the system by clicking your own app ads or make them tricky so the user could click on them by accident (See more about Earning apps). Aside from this, the cost you need to cover is the Developer account of GoolgePlay (25 USD varies depending the region) to upload your app in the Play Store. If you are not going to publish your app in the Play Store, you dont need the developer account, but you still need the AdMob account, it is free but they can cancel your account if there is an abuse of your part.

AppyBuilder does not take any “tax” or “compensation” from the apps you build neither the revenue from ads.

Please tell us more about your app idea because it sounds like you want to make an “Earning app” that gives AppyBuilder, and other apps constructors, a bad reputation.


Thank you very much for the know-how’s. These information will give a kick-start to my career with appy. :slight_smile:

The first app I want to build will provide all the general information required by a local community in a district level. e.g. Information about hospitals, doctors, plumber, electritian, restaurants, recreation spots etc and different other professinals as well can be contacted through the app. The main targetted beneficiaries of the app would be housewife or other women who are not able to go outside to find a mechanic/technician on their own as they need. A tourist or temporary resident can also be benefitted much from the app.

I shared the basic concept here and it will have modifications to the concepts after I collect all the information I need and discuss with some of the beneficiaries and till I give it a test run and collect feedbacks.

So to conclude this is not an earning app and if it is successful to serve the community and used by many I would focus to make it for the other cities/towns and I have that kind of contacts to collect information for those cities as well.


Excellent! It sounds like a great idea for an app. Sorry for the trust issues, sometimes when someone very new comes to the forum asking about ads is because they want to make/sell earning apps, and I’m glad this is not a case.

Also, if you want to test if an ad is going to show in your app, while testing you can input an authorized ad from admob, so you can test without fearing your account may be cancelled. Just search in Google “admob test ads” and they will give you ads for each kind to test.