QR with zoom extension


hello I have created an extension that allows you to increase or decrease the zoom of the camera when scanning the QR.

this type of extension does not work with the partner but when compiled the apk works correctly




Andres Cotes


Hello Adres…
I need this extension…
What is the price…
Again thanks for developers like You…You guy’s make our lives very simple…


This extension would be useful for me as well.
Where can we find the .aix file?


If you can make the barcode scanner extension so that it does not always open in that ugly horizontal mode that unfortunately is default and not changeable on all App inventor providers, I would buy it immediately xD


@gre4t_wh1te just outta curiosity, why would that matter? You can keep phone in any orientation and scanner will still work


because I think it looks very unprofessional and weird and also makes the process a little slower if your phone always rotates before/after scanning. Also if you receive Push notifications while scanning they would show horizontal and the scan-line also does not look nice if it is “vertical”…


if it can be vertically but in the documentation it says that difficulties arise in that position, and the purpose of it being horizontal is to be able to scan horizontal bar codes. These codes are best obtained with the current design



@Hossein It will not scan 2d barcodes in portrait orientation, only 3d barcodes.


@Andres_Cotes I believe that issues may arise with older Lower resolution camera and display screen hardware.
With newer Higher resolution hardware I don’t believe it will be an issue.

The WalMart App and BarcodeScanner+ both work well in portrait orientation.

I am learning about creating extensions and I plan to make a portrait orientation capable barcode scanner extension.


It would be a great advance there are several users who are willing to make a contribution for this configuration


I think this is related to really really bad cameras looooong time ago… Since every Barcode scanning app that I know (except App Inventor) only uses vertical mode because nobody would want to hold his device horizontally just to scan a code if not necessary…

If you think about it, a camera usually makes images in 4 to 3 format. If you have a sensor with 2500x1875 pixels there is not so much difference if the barcode is scanned with 2500 or 1875 pixels… Of course if you have a really poor camera with 640x480 there might be problems because 480 might just be too little resolution… Anyways this is no problem nowadays therefor I would love to see a vertical barcode scanner soon haha


Also I am very interested in having a scan with a device with vertical orientation. I have developed a very interesting app to manage the warehouse, but the customer does not like having to turn the phone or the product to read the barcode.


give the Extension i can’t find it here


Where we can Find this Extension :sweat_smile:


Hola, donde descargo la extension, por favor.