Push Notifications



same problem for me, when I test it with an Android 7.0 phone (receiving).

On Android 8.0 nothing happens at all.


I have been using these notifications for a while.
Unfortunately, the tutorail does not work anymore. At least not correct.

I only get a message with the app name in it, nothing more. No content.

I would be very happy if the creator of the tutorial could look at the problem and if possible change the tutorial so that it works again

Kind regards

Edit: The error is since Appybuilder updated to API Level 26.


Yes tis setting no longer works… I do get alert of notification but “no message” notification works but with no message… any help?


AppyBuilder V5.05 did not fix this issue. Seems like the fix was done just for ‘One Signal’, but not for the other ‘Push Nofification’ component. @Hossein can you confirm this?


Yes. That is correct. It’s on our to-do list.
OneSignalPush issue was fixed


Thanks for clarification. ‘Push Notification’ is an important alternative to ‘OneSignal’ as the latter is not widely accepted in Europe due to data privacy issue with their terms & conditions. Hope you can rank it a little higher in the backlog


I update my app somewhere in June with some corrections in text etc. But this altered the way push notifications behaved. Thought it was the problem with our new phones. But now when i install the old app (the one before updating) the push notifications work fine. Its been 3 to 4 months now I cannot update the app. Sure want to incorporate your new designs, awesome. Appreciate your help to us not-much-of- programmers". Just that you know, I feel pretty stuck


hi, help me please.
tried to imitate the example but the function "ThumbColor " not exist;
how can I solve that?


Followed the tutorial December 2018, it does not appear to work


I also followed this tutorial, but get no notification at all. Is something broken or am I doing something wrong somehow?



When is the function going to be back cause I loved it


this does not work . why?


Hi dear hope you are fine.
madam i insert push notification but it is not working .
it crash in run time whats a problem mam


Hello all,
I have the problem that I do not receive push notifications … The funny thing is that sometimes one or two arrive on the smartphone, but then no more. Can someone help me?