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This tutorial is fairly easy to follow, but the concepts might be a little more advanced for some users. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

This video will help you learn the basics of Firebase by creating a Push Notification for your app. You’ll manage Push Notifications within Firebase, and your users will Subscribe or Unsubscribe to those notifications using a Switch in your app’s settings menu. A mock settings section is created in the project’s .aia file to use as an example.

Project Download: Firebase.aia (100.7 KB)

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Nice tutorial @PixiiBomb… Thanks a lot…:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


you are very welcome :smiley:


Jiji Pixxi eres la animación de este foro, además de guapísima haces unos Vídeos increíbles o viceversa… jejeje gracias


Hello! I have a question: does this component work in the background even though the app is closed? Thank you and I really like your videos. :slight_smile:



Yes your app actually SHOULD be closed when you receive Push Notifications.


Hi medum please tell me how to put muos cursor in my browser… bixiibomb

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What is muos cursor?


I think he means mouse cursor.


Needed a help related to this.
I have used Firebase Push Notification in one of my app. Earlier I was using OneSignal, that’s really awesome. OneSignal block needs OneSignal AppID; for creating OneSignal AppID, we need Firebase URL and Firebase Web API Token (which is unique for every app, because using same Firebase URL and Web Token will send notifications to two different types of app)

In Firebase (free version)(I don’t have enough money to buy higher Firebase Console Packages) you can only create 10 projects, while OneSignal each times needs unique Firebase URL and Firebase Web API Token. And in Firebase Push Notification feature in Advanced Section is a good tool, but by using that we can only send Push Notiifcations if app is opened by user. How will it attracts attentions of users who have installed my app but not using it for a long time?

The Problem is How will I send Push Notification to everyone (like in OneSIgnal) to increase app engagement?


thank u mam for your uploaded videos.

I am just beginner on appybuilder and I Watched your Tutorial videos. then i made a nodemcu based project for my home. nodemcu is sending all the value to firebase, and my app is connected to firebase to see the value of related sensor. now i want to get a push notification if any one or two value get high or changed. for example " in bhardwaj tag value is 321but, when this data changed by nodmcu to 123. then first time i get notification for this. but after nodemcu send 321. then i didn’t get any notification. i repeated this same manually also, but same thing is happening again and again.

please suggest me best for the get push notification every time automatically.


Hi, thanks @PixiiBomb for such great tutorial. I just followed the tutorial. The app stop every time when there is changes in firebase.
I get the log file. Is the function still working ? Need your help on this


I repored also this bug. Android 5 crash and Android 8 gifs no reaction.


Also from me a big thank you for this plausible tutorial. I managed everything, but when I receive a push notification, only the app name is displayed, but no message itself.



(the message ends with " , not shown because of small text box)


I have not figured it out yet. Maybe it’s because the app is not yet available in the Play Store?


hi friend, Did you solve the problem?, if yes, how?


good day! my push notification appear empty, only logo and app name, i follow this tutorial exactly, and others that i found in the web, never come with the text that i put in firebase, thank a lot.


I think PixiiBomb is on vacation. We have to be patient.


do yo know who is developer of this extension?