Push notification without one signal account


Today i am going to share how we can send push notification without one signal account.
I have used only
Taifun Notification Extension

Thanks @Taifun for Wonder full extension https://puravidaapps.com/notification.php

1. Main app :


Blocks :

2. Admin app for sending notificaton:


Blocks :

Sample .Aia file: Notification_By_NICK.aia (11.4 KB)

How to make app which is always running in background

nice tut :slightly_smiling_face:


Does this solution work while the app is not open (background)?


Read this post

Apps created using app inventor and it’s distribution not support background activity.
When it will support background process this notification will also run in background.



Nick, FYI, from one of the AI devs:

“some of the changes made by the services implementation […] make extensions built for production App Inventor fundamentally incompatible with services and vice versa. We don’t have a timeline yet for reconciling the changes so that extensions can be made services-compatible.”


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Awesome man, nice tutorial.
But isn’t the admin app’s blocks should be like this?

And one more thing we can’t send exactly the same message again. I should use clocks here to differ that exact msg in time?

Edit = For sending the exact message again, I used a button to DeleteValue Firebase tag. So now I can send as many exactly same messages. :blush:


Awesome ! Love it !

Thank you very much !