Push notification not work on android 8



Only appears in the application that is with the version of sdk 26


We can check into it. Is it impacting your Push Notifications?

Onesignal oreo 8

Yes, this application with sdk 26 does not receive the notification. Applications in the previous version receive. Using android 8.0 here


Ayer comencé a usar onesignal, lanze a mi actualización en Google play y bueno creo que es el mismo error en Android 8.0 y 8.1


I have also teh seame probleme pleasae help me with push notification as i want to develop the app with this featrue


@Nemy_Nigam just wait. appybuilder developer will solve this problem soon.


Alguna novedad? pudieron resolverlo?


Same problem I have faced. Then I excluded the push notification because when this component I tried to use in my app & published in playstore, lots of crashes notice came. Please fixed it as soon as possible because it’s beautiful component to ads or notify my user’s but it doesn’t work well.


Hi @Hossein, I tried it today with the latest version, but it still doesn’t work for the “Push Notification” component on an Android 8.0 phone. Is your patch just for “OneSignal Push” ?
Thanks for clarifying


One signal push notification has no alternatives but we need it badly. please fixed it sir


Por favor solucionen el problema, la extensión es muy util