Push notification not work on android 8


since update to sdk 26, apps do not recive push notifications. i have tried also to ad permisions block,but it still not works. the apks on sdk 22 still working fine.


What android versions have you tried this on?


Android 8.0.0 xperia xa2


Let us try it out and get back to you


@fred_kowalski, please test this on a device with an android OS lower than 8.0 if you can, if I am correct it will work properly.

@Hossein, I have a feeling this is due to the new notification “ChannelId” requirement.


tested now wiht xperia M4 android 5.1 app crash down when notification recive. also tested with noxplayer. same. app crash when recive the notification.

now trying with a new testapp


Well it’s not what i had thought then.


i ve maked an easy test. result is: app crash when reciving the notification

and the xperia xa2 android 8 gifs no reaction to push notification


now i have tested an older apk with sdk22. it works fine on all devices


some ideas how to solve? onesignal is not a alternative for me because their privacy policy. shell privay information is not good acepted by european users. even if its legal.


permissons block removed. its still not works. some ideas?


Is the notification not showing up or is it Crashing?

Does it work on your M4?


its crashing. on android 5 devices (tested on M4, M4 Aqua) or emulator noxPlayer, the app crash when recive the notification. will say the app is lisening and crash when firebase data change. in android 8 (xperia xa2 tested) is no reaction. mayby its not lisening in android 8.


OneSignal is not notifying after it has been passed to sdk 26. Using android 8.0


Same problem . Push notification not working too in 6.0 . App unfortunately stop if Sent push notification


Same Problem Here. The app Seems to Crash when the Home Screen is Pressed as well.


Hello everyone, we just pushed a patch that should fix the issue with OneSignalPush (reload browser page).

NOTE: This patch will only work when you build .apk and won’t work in companion. The companion will be updated in the next release

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Hello I’m using android 8.0 and this message appears in OneSignal: Outdated Android Support Library


@dsm Where do you see the “ouddated” message?