Push Notification improvements / priority / donation


Hi @Hossein, @PixiiBomb , @Peter, @Ken,

I know that there are already a couple of threads in the forum about bugs and missing features of the Push Notification component, and I highly appreciate the work that has/is happening behind the scenes already, but here I want to address more general questions:

  1. Looking at priority and limited capacity, is PushNotification likely to be fixed and improved in the near future or do you recommend to only count on OneSignalPush?

  2. Is the current code available, so somebody else could try to maintain it or maybe extend it with the AppyBuilder code editor to build a new extension component?

  3. Could a donation help to make it happen soon or is there a technical/conceptional/commercial issue that hinders programmers to do it?

The requirements in a nutshell are: sending and receiving notifications with icon, text, user tags, click to open app, that works for all APK versions. I am pretty sure that there are many who would be ready to donate for such.

Thanks in advance for your honest thoughts on this!


I know many users want this Component fixed.
I am looking at it and trying to assist the AB Team in resolving the issues.


@Impro I recommend using OneSignalPush. We have already made local updates to OneSignalPush, but haven’t released yet. We may have some new information for you; but, at this time, can’t go into details. Your patience will be appreciated.


I am patient.
OneSignal nevertheless cannot be used in Europe with it’s strict legal requirements to protect user data (GDPR =General Data Protection Regulation). And this constraint will not change with new features.