Publication of the application in Mi Appstore (Xiaomi Appstore)


Hello! Does anyone have experience of publishing in Mi Appstore? My applications created in the appybuilder security check do not pass. The publication refused. There are instructions on publishing Like all the rules I keep. But as I understand it is necessary to add their SDK?


You will have a bigger audience if you publish your app in the Google Play Store, and they don’t require any SDK.


In China, Mi Appstore could cater to a large audience.


India too has a large audience xiaomi phone user!


Huge audience. I compared some apps to Google Play, in Mi Appstore they have many times more downloads. It is a pity that you can’t publish your…


Hi, @Roman_Demidov

There is a link to publish in Xiaomi store in english because it’s only in chinese, so is hard to understand how publish ^^



There are many restrictions in this store that to me are not worth it.
Publish to Google Play and be happy! :wink:


The problem is that Google Play is not reliable at all, many developers have seen their account deleted including mine, I published an article, it must be shared a maximum :wink:

And here i have publish alternative to help developper who search an other Store :wink:


Well I’ve never had a problem with google play. :grin::relaxed:


I’m happy for you :wink:
That’s what I said at the beginning ^^

But I wanted to warn the risk developers and what can happen by prevention :wink:


I believe that Google play rules vary from country to country… I very much believe in the services provided by Google. It is normal to have different opinions. This is democratic. :heart::blush:


Uhm… no.
Google Play is reliable. The ones that are not reliable are the developers. If you make an app that stays within Google rules, then you have nothing to worry about. Now if your app is shady or trying to do things that you know you are not allowed to publish on their store, then yes, you will be banned eventually.


Unfortunately no :wink:

Yes Google has no qualms about removing developer accounts even if you create an application that complies with Google’s rules, the proof with me and 2 other developers I know.

That’s why I’m posting this message to warn everyone.

If you really think that Google respects the laws in this case why did they delete my account that I had for years when I had not published anything at the time of the fact?

I invite you to read this article very interesting, the bots of Google removes all the accounts without any human action behind :

Before the google bots removed my account I was like you and I had the same speech, but the day the google bot goes by that is the end :frowning:

I hope it does not happen to anyone here


Sorry, I don’t speak french. Google will only remove an account when there’s some violation and if they removed it in error, you can send complain and if you can prove you didn’t do anything wrong, then the account or app will be reinstated.


The problem is that if the google bot made a mistake we can not contact them.

I already made a request to recover the account but I never had an answer.

I explained everything in this full article :

Sorry for article in french, i try to translate it, see if is work in english :


And where’s the app that they suspended? Can we try it?


Yes of course you can, there was this one:

And recently I did this one : to show you that I’m doing simple apps and I do not think I disagree with the rules of google anyway I hope
The only one I put is a banner ad at bottom of the screen because you have to live well of his activity ^^

I also specify that all my applications have been accepted on amazon store including the application that google banned.

Here an other article interesting :


You could test the application?


I did. All I can think right now is it has something to do with permissions and/or the privacy policy. Did you provide one for each one of your apps as requested by Google. I don’t see any link to the privacy policy on your Podometre app. And it uses user location and user images permissions. So, I don’t know but it might be that.



I had given the link regarding the privacy policy, it was in the application page dedicated to this in playstore, but as I no longer have the publisher playstore account everything is cleared.
It was simple, I take no data and I quote each source (image, icon, music …) in the application page and I take only free of charge :wink: