Publication after recompilation with apptomarket


Hello everyone
I just tried to update one of my applications
I created the apk from appybuilder
recompiled with apptomarket v 4.1
I took my “certificate details”
I recompiled
and when I want to upload on apppublish of the playstore I have the message
“Your APK or your Android App Bundle must have the package name appinventor.ai_XXXXXXXXXX”

I do not understand why.
Can you help me


I am not great experienced man though I made some apk with app inventor and I publish it play store. I think your problem with custom package name. Playstore didn’t find any package name.

My suggestion is that delete the key store then build apk and it will generate a new a package name. That might be work.


You need your keystore to update an app on Google Play so don’t delete that. Never delete that.


Ok j’y suis arrivé.
Il fallait éditer le manifest.xml.
Et remplacer le com.apibuilder… par mon nom de package


per favore scrivete in inglese altrimenti diventa difficile, se ognuno scrive con la sua lingua


Ok I got there.
It was necessary to edit the manifest.xml.
And replace the com.apibuilder … by my package name