Protect PDF file from screenshots? Run it inside a secure App?



It’s a web developer thing, WordPress. I wonder if it’s possible to run a PDF viewer inside a secure app. In order to prevent users taking screenshots and apply other copyright violations. In my logic this secure app, which is built on android platform, can be embedded to the website page, and of course could be seen by android device users. Which is very handy. I know there is an application developed by Cian_O_Sullivan and Ken, which prevents screenshots. So it can be put in use for this secure app I’m talking about here. I wonder if anyone would be able to create this thing. There is a demand for this sort of PDF protection. I personally ready to donate the inventor.


Nothing is safe. If you display the pdf and someone takes a picture of your screen then they have also the content.


I believe that, that someone will be clever enough to think forward and not to stick to the idea of having collection of 200 poor quality off computer screen screenshots just for sake of saving a few bucks per month. And proudly unsubscribing from my membership site.
I’m more concerned about screen captures taken with their hardware device.