Proposal for all community


As some of you may know, I am an PHP, HTML and Javascript developer, I have been sharing some codes as tutorials of what can be done with appybuilder, but I always have complaints about people who do not know how to use the examples I give …

I’m not a developer of extensions.

This is my proposal … I will continue to build useful code, but I need someone who could build that code as extensions that can be used here … so the use would be easier with functions, properties and personalized events …

I know it’s a long and tedious job, but it would be a way to help the newbies, it would also be an easier way to use the code I share.

If these extensions are useful we could include them in the appybuilder IDE … we could even put appybuilder as part of the name and thus make this site more known, when these extensions are shared outside the site.

Share your opinions …
@Andres_Cotes @CarlosPedroza27 @Taifun @Ken


PHP, HTML and JavaScript is something completly different compared to Java… so this will not help very much to build an extension


I have already seen several extensions that add a webview and put HTML content in your project, especially the ones made by @Andres_Cotes.