Prompt and Pick CSV Files


Can anyone help me to use this method for csv files.

I tried application/csv and file/csv but not success.



a csv file is a text file and its data type would be text/plain

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Hi Taifun,

Thank you for great tutorial and the suggestion. Unfortunately that doesn’t worked for me.



unfortunately with this little information nobody will be able to give you any solution


Hi Taifun,
I’m sorry for not provided more details.

Here are they
My blcks

and this is what I can see when testing (csv file can’t select)

I’m tested on galaxy J5(2016)
Android version 7.1.1


if u want more comfortable then
u can use this extensions


it seems to be I was wrong with the last suggestion…
try text/csv, see also



Hi Taifun,

Thank you for the suggesion.
Unfortunately that also not worked for my samsung J5.
However I checked with LG optimus L3 and it worked for that phone. It looks something wrong with my phone or this method not supported to J5. I will do more tests on next week and let you know the results.